Competition Rules

Additional Information

Monthly Fishing Competition  Objective: 

To promote sustainable fishing as a sport for club members and to encourage members to attend weigh in and share fishing information.  

Competition is open to all club members


1. Competition dates will be notified to members at monthly meetings.  A club calendar of competition dates may also be made available to members. 

2. Members intending to fish on competition days are to notify nominated club representative on a date prior to competition day. 

3. All fish to be entered into monthly competition must be photographed and clearly show the overall length of the fish. 

4.     All fish are to be measured in accordance with Victorian fishing regulations.

5. All photos must be sent via SMS or email to nominated competition officer and must reach the officer no later than 3.00 pm on competition day.

6. If photographic evidence is not able to be provided then members may have catch length verified by a club committee member. (Club member is to locate a committee member). 

7. Unless otherwise stated, all fishing competitions are to be within a 50 km radius of Ocean Grove.  i.e. 50km in any direction.  

 8. Members can only enter one fish of each species for any competition day.  i.e. 1 snapper, 1 whiting, 1 shark etc. (not total number of fish – sustainable fishing).  Points will be awarded for the largest fish recorded for all competition species. The same process applies to subsequent competition days in the month. 

9. The winner of the monthly competition will be the member who has recorded the highest number of points allocated for all competition dates within the month. 

10.  See example score sheet below.

General Information

• Possession of undersize fish will result in disqualification from competition. 

• Don’t exceed bag limit or possession limit for any fish. 

Yearly Competition 

The longest fish of each species caught, during competition events, will be recorded as the biggest fish for year.  Prizes (if any) for biggest fish will be awarded at Ocean Grove Angling Club’s end of year break up.  To be eligible to collect any yearly awards a member must be a financial member of the club. 



Example score sheet

Monthly Fishing Competition Score Sheet (pdf)